Help - Bookings


Bookings is our service that provides parents and childcare providers the option of planning and paying their appointments through our website or our app. With Bookings you can easily pay or get paid via Babysits, without having to worry about having cash on you or if you’ll end up receiving payment for your childcare services.

Found the perfect sitter and ready to book? You can easily book the babysitter via the profile page of the babysitter or in the conversation in the inbox by clicking on “request a booking”. Once the booking request is accepted by the babysitter, you can confirm the booking by completing the payment.

Babysitters can only accept bookings. Before you can accept bookings, you need to let us know how we can pay you. You’ll have to do a one-time configuration of your payouts. To configure payouts, go to the payments page.

All upcoming and past bookings will be visible on your Bookings page. Book through Babysits to enjoy scheduled appointments, support and safe payments.

Find more information about the bookings here.

For parents you are able to make safe payments through our platform and be assured that your money will reach the babysitter once the appointment has been completed successfully. Also, you don’t have to worry about not having cash on you. For parents, using bookings doesn’t have any additional charges.

Babysitters will receive a guaranteed payment through Babysits. Once the babysitting appointment has been completed, you will receive the money with 100% security. You will never have to worry about not knowing if you’ll end up receiving the money for your service.

Booking your babysitting appointment through Babysits is also a way of preventing fraud in the childcare industry.

When parents use the Babysits booking feature (optional), an extra 5% of the booking is applied to the babysitting cost. This allows us to provide additional user protection measures.

For babysitters it is free to use the booking feature. They receive 100% of the money they’ve earned. That’s why no fee is deducted from a babysitter’s pay when using bookings. At Babysits we recommend babysitters to use the platform for bookings because of its built-in security features, ease of use, and because it can help keep track of your earnings.

You can find more information on the pricing page.

Babysits uses Stripe to process the payments quickly and keeps your personal and payment information secure. Parents will be able to make safe payments through our platform and be assured that their money will reach the babysitter once the appointment has been completed successfully. Babysitters can expect to receive the money in 5 to 10 days once the appointment has been completed.

We recommend you to plan your bookings and receive payments through Babysits, so we can provide extra security and customer support if something goes wrong with the booking.

Yes, the booking feature is available on the Babysits app. You can easily download the Babysits app via the App Store or Google Play.

Once the booking is accepted by the babysitter, you will receive a payment request. You can then pay for the booking to make it final. Once the payment has been made, the booking is confirmed.

Unfortunately, babysitters may not always accept your booking requests. When this happens, you can send them a message to remind them to accept the booking.

You may need to cancel your booking before it has begun. You may cancel bookings for any reason, such as: change of plans, illness, no-show, etc.

To cancel your booking go to your bookings page and click on “cancel booking”.

You will receive a full refund of the payment if you cancel the booking up to 60 minutes after the start of the booking. If you wish to cancel a booking after 60 minutes after the start of the booking, contact customer service for more support.

There may be a situation where something unexpected happens and the babysitter needs to cancel the booking. When this happens, the payment of the booking will be refunded to you. You will receive the refund within 5 - 10 working days.

You can double check whether the booking has been officially cancelled by visiting your booking page. If it hasn't, you can cancel the booking yourself.

Cancelled bookings will appear in your booking archive.

On the payments page you can view your payment receipts for all completed bookings.

If you’re experiencing trouble with your booking, please contact the customer service.

After successfully completing the babysitting appointment, you will receive the payment within 5 - 10 working days. You will receive an email with the day we estimate the payment will be transferred.

You can also check the status of a booking on the bookings page.

We recommend only accepting booking requests if you are sure that you can make it. In the case that you have to cancel a booking, you can do so by going to your bookings page and clicking on “cancel booking”.

If you cancel a booking, please message the parent as soon as possible explaining why you need to cancel.